Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey loves! I wanted to talk to you about a site I've just come in contact with, They are an online fashion clothing wholesaler, so they basically supply many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide. Since this is a wholesaler, you would pay a lot less than at the mall or your local boutique, and perhaps even get the same exact product! Their clothing varies from cheap clothes for women to cheap shorts for men I checked out their site, and they have great products like Women's Blazers at a super affordable price. Below I've attached some of my favorite products. So go ahead and check out eFoxCity

only $25.52

only $12.12





These are just a couple of their many items. You can check out their entire site here.


  1. Love the printed leggings!

    Thanks for your comment babe;)



  2. Hi Elsa,

    thanks for supporting my blog...In gratitude I will do the same. BTW, I love it.

    XO, Cari

  3. Nice items! Happy new year!

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