I'm Elsa, the fashion blogger behind Mix and Match the F word. I created this blog in March 2012 because I've always been obsessed with fashion and displaying my outfits. Quite frankly my family and friends had gotten tired of always hearing me talk about it, so what better way to express myself than to start a blog where I can showcase my outfits and interact with other women who share my passion? 
I love keeping up with the latest trends, but like most people, I cannot afford to go out and spend thousands of dollars. I am a firm believer that you do not need to invest in tons of clothes in order to create distinct and unique outfits every time. Whenever I'm out shopping, I always focus on picking out affordable key items that I know I'm going to have endless possibilities when styling them.
That is how I came up with the title Mix and Match the F word. I live, breathe, and dream fashion. This blog is my personal getaway, where I get to challenge myself to create new outfits, get dressed up on a daily basis, and talk about anything and everything that I find interesting.