Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Contrasting Asymmetry

Dress: Windsor | Jacket: Zara

I was so excited to share this look I couldn't wait to schedule the post for tomorrow morning. I wore this dress when I was in Santa Barbara and loved it so much! I got it literally the hour before I left on the trip, without even trying it on beforehand. When it comes to knit dresses I feel like they just look good, whether dressed up or down. I specifically like the fact that this one looks really conservative, and then you turn to the side and you see the leg slit. It's been pretty cold here these last couple of days so I wanted to pair it with this long draped collar jacket, it's so soft and the neutral colors are everything! I can't wait to pair it with lighter hues this coming Spring. Thanks for stopping by, and after a crazy uneventful last couple of weeks, mostly spent being sick at home, and sleeping in waaaay longer than we should, we are now back to our regular scheduled programming. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Life Update

Seeing as my last blog post was in January, I wanted to catch up with you all and give you an update of what I've been up to these last couple of weeks. I originally had a ton of Valentine's day content planned, but couldn't get around to shooting last minute, you know, life happens. We did absolutely nothing yesterday, and I loved it! I was technically supposed to be in class, but decided to take the night off and be home with Sebastian. 

I partnered up with Dove for their new exfoliating body polish. It's sooo good, I'm loving what it's done to my skin. It exfoliates and nourishes to leave it feeling silky smooth. You can see the Instagram post here

I also had the opportunity to work with Head & Shoulders. My hair was getting so dry, I really needed to switch up my hair care routine, and I'm loving the results! Also didn't realize my hair was this long until after I saw this picture.

I went to Santa Barbara this weekend for my friend Kailah's 22nd birthday! We went wine tasting to 4 different wineries, had dinner, and then went to a bar. I seriously cannot remember the last time I did something like that. It was my first time leaving Sebastian behind, so it was definitely a sweet and sour experience! Needless to say, it's crazy how much one can change in just a couple of years. 

 About two weeks ago, I was on my way to work, and got a call from Irven panicking, that something was wrong with Sebastian. He was having a seizure. He wasn't breathing. A million and one things rushed to my head, but the main one was that my son was dead. I don't know how I managed to get from Orange County to the hospital where they were rushed to. But when I got there, I grabbed my son who was sleeping and tired. We were at the ER for probably about two hours, but he was breathing and exhausted. 
The doctor said he had an ear infection that had caused a febrile seizure. We had no idea what this was, asked a ton of questions but he ultimately said it happens to kids under the age of 5, it wasn't common, but there was a possibility he may have another one in the future. As a parent, I wanted to curse him the f%#$ off. How was this person going to tell me that what my child just went through was "normal," after we had just had the biggest scare of our lives. We headed home upset and frustrated but trusting he would be okay. Sebastian pretty much slept all through the day and around 6pm, I asked my mom to take care of him so we could go pick up his meds. We're at the pharmacy, and I get a call from my mom hysterical that it was happening again. We rushed home and found him mid convulsion. 
The paramedics were on their way again, and they took us to the same hospital. At this point we were so frustrated that they weren't really doing anything, that we asked if they could release us and we would head to the hospital where we always take him. So they did, we went to the other hospital, and spent the night at the ER. They pretty much confirmed what the first doctor said, and guaranteed us that Sebastian would be okay and the seizures did not affect him in any way other than exhaustion. We were there until about 5am, headed home and watched him sleep. We called his doctor in the morning and she said we could take him in. She said he had a viral infection and pneumonia, so we practically just had to wait it out until it flushed his system, and prescribed meds and antibiotics. He's been okay since, and is completely fine now. We have an appointment with his Dr. tomorrow, just to check up on everything. 
So this is what I meant by life happening. I post pictures of my son and myself but for the most part like to keep what goes on in our lives private, but this was something I just feel like I had to share with you all. Your perspective on life completely changes when you become a mother, and this horrible experience has helped me reflect on so many things. Thank you guys for still sticking around even when I don't post, and for reading.