Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Sebastian turns 3!

Can you guys believe my baby is three years old now? We celebrated him on October 13th, and I was running around like a crazy person per usual procrastinating, trying to get everything done the day of. This is the first year he truly understands Halloween and he was all excited about it since the beginning of September. He kept telling me "Mama I want monsters birthday cake!" After watching countless episodes of Halloween Cake Wars I was feeling inspired, and decided to take on the challenge of making it myself (mind you I have never in my life iced a cake, much less used fondant.) So monsters birthday cake he got, lopsided and everything but he loved it haha.  Everything was DIY'd except for the Krispy Kreme donuts. My family was such a huge help, I had my brothers baking and sister in laws helping me decorate, and Sebastian helped put the finishing touches on the cupcakes. When it came time to cut his cake, he made us sing him happy birthday and light up the candle for a total of 3 times, he was so excited and didn't want it to end.  He is such an incredible little boy, and brings our family so much joy and happiness, aside from the tantrums that keep us entertained lol. I am one lucky mama to be able to call him mine.