Thursday, September 27, 2018

Engaged in Maui

Realizing I haven't posted since Mother's Day, A LOT has happened to say the least. We took a family trip to Hawaii this Summer, beginning of August to be exact, and ended up getting engaged and married all within 24 hours! It's taken me a while to soak it all in, I still refer to Irven as my boyfriend lol, husband just sounds sooo weird. Anyways, I'm so excited to share all the pictures and details from our trip. I'd been meaning to get this post up since we got back but first it was my computer's hard drive, then technical difficulties with my blog, and then it was my procrastination. I kept waiting to write this post because I was waiting for the perfect ambience: our place being completely spotless, and me drinking a hot cup of coffee while Sebastian naps so I can peacefully write the blog post at my desk that I honestly haven't used for anything other than placing UPS packages since I first got it. But let's be honest, that alone time is probably never going to happen.

So our flight was on Friday August 3rd, and started off a little crazy. My dad forgot to load my mom's luggage and we almost missed our flight. It was overbooked, and we were the last ones to board, so they wanted to split us up into two parties, 3 of us would have to take the next flight the following day. Luckily a group of people gave up their seats and we were able to all get on the plane on the same day. The plane ride itself was a little crazy with Sebastian but not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. 

We stayed at the cutest, most instagrammable condo ever! Shout out to my brother for finding this hidden gem right by the beach.

The following day, we headed toThe Road to Hana and hiked to Waimoku Falls; it was truly the most beautiful hike I've ever been on. We walked through the Bamboo forest, and bridges to get to the waterfall. This whole time it would just randomly start raining, the water was so warm and I was in awe by all the nature surrounding us. When we finally reached Waimoku Falls, we had to cross a stream, but with the rain and all it made it pretty difficult. We all made it across only to see that the actual waterfall was blocked off so the picture below was as close as we were able to get. Nevertheless, it was still a breathtaking view. 

As everyone was crossing the stream back, I told Irven I wanted to take a picture on the rock, and he said "let's take one together."  I got on the huge rock first, and as I waited for him, started posing for a picture. 

I saw him climb on the rock, almost slip and fall, then he gets on one knee and pulls out the little black box with a ring in it and asks me to marry him! Y'all I got soooo excited I pushed him and almost threw him into the stream. There are a lot more pics that show my many facial expressions, from excitement to the ugly crying face getting all emotional that I'd prefer not to share haha but it was such an unforgettable and unique proposal, I couldn't have imagined it to be any more perfect. My entire family knew except for me, but I loved that they were able to be a part of it along with a couple other bystanders lol.

The most perfect day.

More pics coming soon.