Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Romper, Two Shoes

When it comes down to putting my outfits together, I don't always look through my closet. If I have a particular dress or in this case, romper in mind, I like to just think of the shoes/accessories that go with it and then its easier for me to just pull them out of my closet. So I got ready today, headed over to take my outfit pictures, and while going over them, I felt like the look was missing something. It was too "safe" and monochromatic, then I remembered I had the perfect shoes to go with this romper, that added some edge and color to the ensemble. My ShoeDazzle orange heels add a pop of color and the contrast they make with the romper is amazing, as opposed to the simple black Cathy Jean wedges which give it a more uniformed look. I tried to not let it bug me and figured I could wear this romper again and switch it up with the shoes, but it made more of a statement with the orange heels. So I switched shoes and headed over to retake my outfit pictures. I really like the outfit a whole lot better like this. Do any of you ladies come up with the outfits without physically looking through your closet? I always tend to forget about my newer purchases or sometimes even older items, missing out on more diverse ways to style them.

Forever 21 Romper, Kaori shoes via ShoeDazzle, H&M clutch

Which one do you like better?


  1. Left=classy, right=classy with an edge. Both work, depending on the look you are going for! :) Adorable romper too!

  2. love both! but i must admit i love the right, the one with the orange shoes my oh my they are amazing! :)


  3. i love both! you are fantastic! i have new post too, come and see if you want!

  4. Both looks gorgeous

  5. great outfit really cute!!

  6. both of them work well! cute romper!


  7. I just got addicted to rompers this summer. I finally found one that flatters my figure, I got it at american apparel, you should check them out! They have really cute coral ones on sale right now.