Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Boater Hats and my thoughts on Maternity Jeans

I  mentioned a couple posts ago how I got a ton of new things from Asos. This sun top was another favorite of mine and it's currently 25% off. I also ordered this boater hat that I've been wanting for a while now, I just always thought my forehead was too big for them lol. But as soon as I tried it on I really loved it! I can't wait to wear it all Summer, I also got a matching one for baby girl. Now let me get into what I've really been wanting to talk about: Maternity Jeans. When I was pregnant with Sebastian it was summer so I wore nothing but dresses. This pregnancy happened during colder months and I gave in and spent over $200 on maternity jeans. I really just wanted to find a cute pair that I'd feel comfortable in to wear every day. When my bump was just starting to show at about 20 weeks, it wasn't a big deal. The only problem I did have was that the pairs I got with a side panel kept  riding down and looked saggy. As my bump got bigger, I sized up, but kept having the same issue. The ones I got with a belly waistband were a little more comfortable but again, didn't feel comfortable like a stretchy pair of skinny jeans. I searched up and down everywhere, ordered designer maternity jeans, thinking that quality may have been way better but had no luck. As I was getting ready to leave to Vegas for my sister's 21st, I was on the hunt for a pair of simple black destroyed skinnies, I ended up reading the reviews for the rockstar jeggings from Old Navy and went in store so I could try them on. And guess what, they worked!! I just had to go up 2 sizes but I absolutely love them and the fit and quality. I can't believe I had never tried their jeans, I'm for sure getting another pair post pregnancy. They're super stretchy and don't make my butt look saggy. My final verdict, don't spend your money on maternity jeans, it's so unnecessary, rockstar jeggings are the best thing everrrrr.  Maternity leggings on the other hand, have been my best friend. I got 3 pairs and as soon as they come out the dryer, I wear them in constant rotation.