Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Winter in LA

You guys, I'm so over this weather. Living in SoCal has made us so spoiled, where we can't handle the temps dropping below 60 degrees, much less rain. Shooting pictures has been such a fail. We even tried to shoot the gender reveal this past weekend, when it randomly started pouring, and this was after I had checked the weather app and it said it wasn't going to rain. It just makes it so hard to function and I'm more than ready for it to go back to being Sunny all year round. I've been wearing all my cozy knits and booties nonstop. I always like to stock up after Christmas because that's when the best sales are! Sweaters also never really go out of style so I love being able to add on to my collection even with the growing bump. I usually size up for an oversized fit and that's been working great with the belly.

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