Thursday, January 17, 2019

Winter Neutrals

Coat: Zara | Bag: Neverfull MM | Shoes: Louboutin | Turtleneck: Express | Jeans: Charlotte

It's been constantly raining for the past week already, and I couldn't be more over it. You know the drill, new year, new plans to be more productive and get sh*t done. Although I haven't been able to shoot any outfits, I've utilized my time at home to start decluttering. I started watching "Tidying Up" on Netflix and that's finally what it took to get me motivated to go through literally everything. I'm the biggest hoarder, I still owned clothes from over 10 years ago, that I'm most likely never going to wear again. And don't even get me started with Sebastian's clothes, from the time he was born, whenever he'd run out of space in his closet I'd just go through it, put everything in a bag, and have Irven store it in the attic. Baby clothes are so much more special though, and with the second baby coming, I'm kinda glad I still have all his things. I realized I don't need to hold on to every single one of his onesies and have started purging his stuff as well. I also got rid of my tv stand that was used to store even more of my clothes, and now I get to order a new one and keep it strictly for decor. Fast forward to almost a week now, I'm still not done, but our place is already looking so much better and organized. I now know where everything is and it feels sooo good not having to spend 10 minutes looking for one thing. 

While going through my clothes I realized out of most of the things I own, coats are probably the one article of clothing I didn't have to get rid of. If you invest in a good classic piece, it's never going to go out of style and you'll be able to get so much wear out of it. I really loved this structured masculine coat. I paired it with my new shoes and bag that have been at the top of my wish list for years now. I first wanted the leopard So Kates back about 3 years ago, but wasn't sure if they were worth the investment. This year that leopard made a comeback, I was like I have to get them! It's the perfect neutral. After they arrived, I was debating whether or not I should keep them or resell them since they're pretty much sold out everywhere. I couldn't help but feel buyers remorse but decided they looked way prettier in my closet and can't wait to style them endlessly. 

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  1. This look is incredible! I need to watch that show because I have such a habit of holding onto EVERYTHING. I am so sentimental! Good to know the show is helpful :)