Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Contrasting Asymmetry

Dress: Windsor | Jacket: Zara

I was so excited to share this look I couldn't wait to schedule the post for tomorrow morning. I wore this dress when I was in Santa Barbara and loved it so much! I got it literally the hour before I left on the trip, without even trying it on beforehand. When it comes to knit dresses I feel like they just look good, whether dressed up or down. I specifically like the fact that this one looks really conservative, and then you turn to the side and you see the leg slit. It's been pretty cold here these last couple of days so I wanted to pair it with this long draped collar jacket, it's so soft and the neutral colors are everything! I can't wait to pair it with lighter hues this coming Spring. Thanks for stopping by, and after a crazy uneventful last couple of weeks, mostly spent being sick at home, and sleeping in waaaay longer than we should, we are now back to our regular scheduled programming. 

1 comment:

  1. Great combination, very chic! And the dress is super versatile!

    The Style Collector