Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WannaBettaButt Jeans

| Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: c/o YMI {here} | Heels: Steve Madden | Aldo clutch |

I love me some jeans, but being on the curvy side it's always such a struggle when it comes to finding the perfect fit. They're just so unflattering; either don't go up my thighs, or they feel all stiff and flatten everything, and let me tell ya.. NOT a nice view. So you can only imagine my excitement when I came across the WannaBettaButt Jeans from YMI !! Ladies, these jeans are the real deal! Even thought they're super skinny, the material is so stretchy that there's no need to hop around your room trying to put them on. I literally felt like I was wearing leggings. And the fit? They super accentuate your body and hug it in all the right places. 

Oh and p.s. these jeans really do give you a "betta butt." I have no idea how they were able to accomplish this, but I was shocked to see how lifted and perky my booty looked given that I haven't squatted or stepped foot in a gym in months. So don't mind me, but I'll prob be wearing them nonstop 'til they wear out.

1 comment:

  1. I know the problem with the perfect fit. These pants fit your legs perfectly!
    xx Katha