Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catching Up..

Hey loves! How I've missed this, being able to sit on my computer, with a cup of coffee, and blog.. I know I've been away for over a month now, and I sincerely apologize for that. Truth is, so much has been going on, and I just haven't had any spare time.  I even considered deleting the blog, but I just couldn't, I love it too much! I hope I can come up with a good schedule soon, because I truly miss sharing my daily outfit photos and receiving your feedback with those wonderful comments. Here are some of my latest pictures that were taken with my phone, so I do apologize in advance for the not so good quality and the mirror pictures taken at work lol. For more updates, you can also follow me on instagram @Elsaa_xo
These oxford flats are my latest obsession. I was a little hesitant at first, because they weren't really my style, but now I can't get enough of them, and want to wear them every day! 
Just another outfit for work, LOVE the shoes!
I just HAD to have these booties in both colors! Debating on whether or not I should get a 3rd pair, the burgundy..
Arm Candy.. via H&M
Dressing down a little black dress with a blazer, scarf, and knee-high black flat boots. 
Work last Saturday
What I wore to an event last weekend. 
Dress via Windsor
the latest addition to my closet. <3
What I wore today. Casual and comfy Wednesday at work! 

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  1. I love these pictures ! the windsor dress is just stunning and what can I say about the pink studded heels other than WOW :0)

  2. still cute photos! don't delete the blog :)


    all the heels you posted

    Sto by my blog when you get a chance. I think you may enjoy it: and if you like my style you should definately check out my online store!

  4. Very cute looks, and FABULOUS shoes my dear!